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Impossível Productions

We tell stories. And we would love to tell yours.

We are an independent production company of narrative films, documentaries and web videos, not only of our own but also for and in association with other production companies. We also provide services for any stage of production, be it pre-production (such as script doctoring), production (such as cinematography), post-production (such as digital color correction), and beyond - our 20 years of experience in web development provide state-of-the-art, user-friendly, responsive websites for your company and/or product. But that's not enough - experience and knowledge are important, but the only way to make magic is to believe in magic, and we got plenty of that too.


Online videos are today's biggest marketing tool. Have yours stand out with engaging storytelling techniques.


20 years in the field taught us that client satisfaction is a direct result of craftsmanship, innovation coupled with knowledge and a special attention to user experience.


Stories can be created, found, remembered and updated; they can be told in an ad, documentary, wedding video or illustrated book. But the most important thing is to tell them right.


We believe in magic. And love to make it happen. We can help you produce a film from conception to completion, or anywhere in between.

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In the digital world of today we can be with you wherever you are. And since every company is unique, we would love to learn more about your needs in order to build you a custom estimate. Don't hesitate and call us at (772) 494-1926 or (718) 729-5534, or fill out the form below to request for more information.

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Is your office too crowded and you need more hands but don't have the physical space for more? Or maybe you're understaffed and need some services covered by a skilled professional? Or maybe you're stacked and need help to deliver your work on time? We have plenty of experience in partnering with other companies and wearing the "third party" hat.
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