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After Jack's father passes away, he rethinks his life and decides to come clean with his best friend Fred, his ex-girlfriend Debbie and with himself. But in the process he causes everybody - including himself - more trouble that he can manage. More than just a romantic comedy, Ship Happens is an uproarious film with the balls of Superbad, the heart of When Harry Met Sally and the brains of Annie Hall.

We are currently in post-production.

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In 'The 100º Job' we follow a killer in his preparation and journey in order to execute the job that will promote him in the crime organization. Writer-director Micki Mihich pays homage to movies and movie fans in this elegant noir tale of murder, deception and fall from grace.

Film released in 2009.
Winner of 8 awards.

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"Knocking At Your Back Door" is an exciting and thought-provoking feature film filled with emotional conflict, embedded in psychological tumoil and oozing sexual tension as two characters, a man and a young woman, trapped in a house by a hurricane, find out more about each other and especially about themselves than they could ever imagine possible - or desire.

We are currently in early development.